Well-Behaved Women

Step into the world of remarkable women from the past through captivating historical performances. Experience the stories, struggles, and triumphs of plethora of unique individuals such as Abigail Adams, Louisa May Alcott, Anne Bonney, Alice Paul, Mary Brewster, Mary Surratt, and Anne Hutchinson


Petticoat Despot: The Life of Abigail Adams

Welcome to 1814 and take a look back at the life of our second first lady, Abigail Adams.

Abigail on the Constitution

Wouldn’t you like to know where John and Abigail Adams were during the Constitutional Convention?

Abigail at War

In 1782, Abigail Adams addresses the ladies of Braintree and discusses the trials of living in a time of war.

John and Abigail: A Lifetime of Letters

A small sampling of the letters sent between these two dearest partners (guest voice: Michael Simpson).

Reunited with John after 4 years of separation, Abigail learns to a be a continental woman

Abigail at Sea

In 1784, Abigail Adams and her daughter Nabby set off on the journey of a lifetime.

Abigail in France
Marmee and Me: Abigail May Alcott and Louisa May

No one inspired Louisa more that her own Mother, hear about this remarkable mother daughter team.

Voting Like a Girl: The life of Alice Paul

Alice Paul tells you about her life of service to ensuring the rights of women in America and England.

She Grew the Nest: the death of Mary Surratt.

Mary Surratt tells you about her life and those fraught days after Lincoln’s assassination.

Anne Bonny’s Revenge: A Pirate’s life

The true story of one of the most famous female pirates.

The Mayflower Matriarch: Mary Brewster

What happened on the voyage and that first year in Plymouth? Mary Brewster tells her story.

Surviving Jamestown: Temperance Flowerdew

Temperance Flowerdew survived the starving winter of the Jamestown Colony.

Banished from the Bay Colony: The Life of Anne Hutchinson

A forward-thinking woman enrages the Puritans of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

Daughter of the Confederacy: Winnie Davis

Hear about the tragic short life of the youngest daughter of Jefferson Davis.

First Holiday in the President’s House
December in Concord: Christmas with the Alcott's
Mrs. Claus’ Christmas Traditions

John and Abigail Adams moved to Washington City in Nov 1800, what was the first Holiday Season like?

Louisa wrote many Christmas stories and held a special love for the holiday her whole life.

A brief history of Christmas and various traditions with Mrs. Claus herself.

Abigail and the Republican Court

What was it like to follow Lady Washington and be the premier hostess in the capital?

Abigail in England

The life of an ambassador’s wife can be lonely. Join Abigail during her time in England.

Abigail and the Boston Tea Party
The Burning of Washington

See what happened during one of the most terrifying times in American History.

In 1773, Abigail Adams is witness to the unfolding of a historic event, The Boston Tea Party. While the patriotic ladies did not dress up and join in, they did participate, find out how!

Louisa May Alcott, Civil War Nurse
And Jessie Too: the life of Jessie Benton Fremont
Storming the Centennial: The life of Matilda Joslyn Gage

Jessie Benton Fremont made her husband famous but chafed under restrictions placed on women.

Find out about the forgotten member of the great triumvirate, and her connection to a fairyland we all love.

In 1863, Louisa May Alcott left for Washington City to become a nurse. Learn how these experiences affected her for the rest of her life.

Abigail and the Flags of the Revolution

On June 14, 1777, in Congress, John Adams shared what would be come the resolution on the flag of the new United States. However, that resolution led to a lot of interpretations. Abigail walks you through many of those flags.


Marcea Oetting is a member of the Daughters of American Revolution and several other various historical groups. She is the current regent of the Adams-Onis Treaty Chapter in Florida. She acquired her Bachelors in History at the University of Iowa and hopes to bring history to life for those who listen to her performances


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